Telling Stories the World Needs to Hear: The Peabody Award W

Diversity, education, groundbreaking investigative reporting, and heroic coverage of real-time events are just some of the themes that the winners of the 73rd Annual Peabody Awards have in common. The winners, which were announced today, are considered the best in electronic media for 2013.

The Peabody Awards were established in 1940 when the National Association of Broadcasters wanted to recognize outstanding work in its industry. Because Pulitzer Prizes are only for print media, the association teamed up with the University of Georgia and created the equivalent to recognize radio work. The Peabody Awards began recognizing television programs in 1948 and now recognizes Web-based content too.

The excellence represented by the winners covers a courageously wide range of issues. Peabody Awards judges evaluated the more than 1,000 entries using three key questions: "Does this story matter?" "Does it inform us as citizens?" "Does it help us empathize with one another?"

As can be expected, coverage of breaking news events that dominated in the past year, such as the Boston bombing and Typhoon Haiyan, won awards. But what may be a surprise is that this year the popular show Scandal, which features African American showrunner Shonda Rimes and African American lead actor Kerry Washington, is receiving an award.

There were also awards for programs that emerged through nontraditional broadcast means, such as "A Needed Response," a viral YouTube video that turned the spotlight on the Steubenville, Ohio, rape scandal. Several streaming series, such as Orange Is the New Black, the Netflix show that made transgender actor Laverne Cox a star, also won.

Here is the full list of Peabody Awards winners.

HollowHollow Interactive, LLCThis documentary explores the rural communities of McDowell County, West Virginia.

A Short History of the HighriseThe New York Times, National Film Board of CanadaThis interactive documentary explores the 2,500-year global history of vertical living and the resulting social equality challenges.

The Race Card Project (NPR’s Morning Edition)The Race Card Project, NPR News, NPR’s Morning EditionThe interactive report and project captures participants’ questions and observations about race and identity.

A Chef’s Life (PBS)
Markay Media in association with South Carolina ETV (SCETV)This cooking series takes you inside the life of chef Vivian Howard.

TCM: Story of Film (TCM)This 15-part documentary series takes viewers through filmmaking history.

Burka Avenger (Geo Tez)Unicorn BlackThis is the first animated action series from Pakistan.

A Needed Response (YouTube/Samantha Stendal)Samantha Stendal, Aaron BlantonThis response to the Steubenville, Ohio, rapists went viral.

Breaking Bad (AMC)Sony Pictures TelevisionThe five-season series depicts the life and times of chemistry teacher–turned–meth dealer Walter White.

Orphan Black (BBC America)Temple Street Productions in association with BBC America and SPACEThis Canadian science fiction series tackles the issue of cloning humans.



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