Stress is a common obstacle to productivity and career success.

That#8217s why being able to manage stress effectively can prove pivotal.

We spoke with psychotherapist Amy Morin, the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don#8217t Do, to find out the best way to approach stress management.

Here are nine things mentally strong people do to keep stress from taking over:

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1. They keep their problems in perspective As stress builds up over time, it#8217s easy to become frustrated and exaggerate the negative. Mentally strong people, however, understand that stressful situations arise and don#8217t let the ill effects loom over them. #8220They reframe their negative thoughts into something more realistic in an effort to keep their stress in proper perspective,#8221 Morin says.

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2. They reassure themselves Self-confidence and self-assurance, key characteristics of mentally strong people, helps people work through stress. Instead of being negative and saying, #8220I can#8217t handle one more problem, they tell themselves: #8216I can deal with stress, and I#8217ll be OK no matter what happens,



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